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Impressa J6 Espresso Machine Review

Impressa J6 Espresso Machine

Impressa J6 Espresso Machine

13548 Features: -Programmable: Switch on/off time, amount of water, coffee strength brewing temperature. Will tell you when to fill with whole beans (8.8 oz bean capacity) and when to empty the tray..-Dual nozzles adjust to most cups sizes, whether using 1 or 2 cups.-Stainless Steel Thermoblock heating system.-Made in Switzerland. Includes: -Includes the FrothXpress system to obtain a perfect milky foam or warm milk, a hot water nozzle for a smooth, even jet of water and the optional Dual Frother Plus. The removable container holds a generous 73.5 oz of water so you do not have to fill it often.. Dimensions: -13.5” H x 11.2” W x 17” D, 24 lbs. Warranty: -2 Year limited warranty.

List Price: $ 1,569.98


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