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Bialetti: Mukka Express “Gran Galà” 320ml (10.8Oz) Cappuccino Maker [ Italian Import ] Review

Bialetti: Mukka Express “Gran Galà” 320ml (10.8Oz) Cappuccino Maker [ Italian Import ]

Bialetti: Mukka Express

  • Exclusive and patented technology
  • Stove top Cappuccino maker
  • Quick and easy to use, produces perfect coffee every time
  • Two delicious styles of coffee, Cappuccino and latte
  • Unique ergonomic design

Italian-based manufacturer Bialetti has been producing stove-top espresso pots since the 1930s and is the name behind the traditional stove-top style of pot, the Moka Express. The Mukka Express is the company’s latest innovation and combines this traditional style of coffee maker with a larger size pot for holding the milk.

The Mukka Express works by allowing the steam pressure from creating the coffee to pass through the milk, resulting in froth.

So simple to use for a great cappuccino:

Place water in the bottom section to the level indicated
Fill the filter basket with ground coffee and twist on the upper section
Add milk to the level indicated
Close the lid, push down the pressure button which will create the steam
Place on the stove, bring to the boil & leave for about a minute after the button has popped up.

For a caffè latte, leave the button in the up position so as not to produce froth.

Looking for the perfect cappuccino&
The Italians are world experts on coffee and Bialetti undertook extensive research for the Mukka Express. Coffee bars the length and breadth of Italy were visited by its new product development team and samples of cappuccino were analysed to test the optimum strength, flavour, temperature, foam depth and consistency all to ensure that the Mukka Express would produce that perfect cup of Italian cappuccino! The fabulous Mukka Express is a patented design and available exclusively in the UK from hot drinks experts La Cafetière.
Product Description
This recently launched Mukka Express makes frothing cappuccino, milky coffee and strong espresso coffee in less than 4 minutes. This unique and patented design is easy to use and clean and has an adjustable coffee strength.

?Mukka Express by Bialetti
?Makes two cups of cappuccino, milky coffee and espresso on the hob in less than 4 minutes
?Suitable for all heat sources except induction
?Unique patented design
?Easy to use and clean

List Price: $ 80.00


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