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siroca crossline fully automatic coffee maker STC-401 Review

siroca crossline fully automatic coffee maker STC-401

siroca crossline fully automatic coffee maker STC-401

Fully automatic coffee maker, coffee can enjoy from freshly ground beans, mill built-in coffee maker. By incorporating a mill in the body, are brewed coffee in all automatic from anytime freshly ground coffee beans. This fully automatic coffee maker is to set the coffee beans, into flour just before brewing the coffee. Since coffee beans go oxidation because the surface area by making it powder spread explosively, but lost the original taste and flavor as time goes by, this fully automatic coffee maker to make flour just prior to drip, scent I finished to high coffee. 3 easy simple to freshly ground coffee in the step is brewed. (1) Set the coffee beans to the body (2) add water to the body (3) Set the dial to press the start button. Fresh coffee ground from beans in just this only, easily I can enjoy at home. The coffee shop and convenience stores and we did not want to go out to buy a coffee. From now on at home, and he taste fragrant superb coffee. While a built-in mill, compact size that does not bother with location. Since simple you have a clean stylish design, fit and clean even clean up. Since not take place, on top of his room a desk or, as it is difficult to get in the way and be placed in the office of the desk.

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Price: $ 145.00