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JINRU Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

JINRU Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine, Home Visual Full Temperature Control, 5-10 Cups, Automatic Insulation, 1L

JINRU Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine, Home Visual Full Temperature Control, 5-10 Cups, Automatic Insulation, 1L

  • ?92 °C constant temperature extraction, visualized accurate temperature control, storage boiler, independent dual temperature control
  • ? Independent double temperature control, constant temperature extraction at 92 °C, accurately control the temperature required for each step, fully extract to the fragrant to alcohol per cup of coffee
  • ? 92 ° C gold constant temperature extraction double independent thermostat extraction to fragrant to alcohol, water temperature is too low, can not extract coffee, too high temperature will overextract, resulting in bitter.
  • ?Storage water boiler, constant water temperature extraction, accurate pressure and rapid extraction of coffee essence through coffee powder, accurate control of 92 °C constant temperature extraction, balanced pressure distribution of the boiler, easy 0 pressure relief
  • ? Randomly control the temperature to extract your private custom coffee. Coffee enthusiasts can control the water temperature at will to adapt to different degrees of baking and types of beans, increase the playability of the coffee machine, and freely identify potential and different levels of coffee powder.

1.PP material body, light and convenient, anti-scalding safety, easy to clean
2. Double cup split design, two cups of coffee while extracting two cups of coffee
3. Fully loaded with the buoy prompt, the buoy red buoy rises to indicate that the water tray is fully loaded
4. Detachable water tray. Detachable water tray for easy cleaning
5. Fine filter, anti-scalding handle, standard 025mm filter hole, fine extraction
6. High-pressure steam nozzle, strong foaming, easy to make fancy coffee
7.1L detachable water tank 1L transparent water tank, large capacity, brewing multiple cups of coffee at a time, easy to clean
8. Intimate cup area, keep the coffee at a suitable temperature, drip
Coffee machine type: semi-automatic
Coffee machine principle: steam
Capacity: 5-10 cups
Style: Italian style
Rated voltage: 220 (V)
Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)
Rated power: 1000 (W)
Coffee machine capacity: 1L
Coffee maker classification: pump type
Coffee machine type: high pressure
Product size: 270*223″295 mm
Note: the voltage varies from country to country.Need to match the adapter

List Price: $ 388.99

Price: $ 388.99