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Bosch TES60321RW VeroAroma 300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Bosch TES60321RW VeroAroma 300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine SensoFlow, Silver

Bosch TES60321RW VeroAroma 300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine SensoFlow, Silver

  • Coffee variety at the touch of a button: Espresso, caffe crema, cappuccino, caffe latte and latte macchiato. Quick and convenient.
  • MilkClean: The entire milk system is cleaned at the touch of a button. Quick, convenient and especially hygienic.
  • CeramDrive: High quality, durable ceramic grinder
  • SinglePortion Cleaning: All pipes are emptied after each brewing process
  • SensoFlow quickly heats water to the precise temperature required for perfect flavour every time, using the exact amount of water required

The optimum brewing temperature for a better espresso is between 90 degree Celsius and 95 degree Celsius. If the temperature is too low, only part of the flavour is released from the coffee. If the temperature is too high, the coffee will quickly acquire a burnt taste. The intelligent SensoFlow System heats water to an optimum temperature for the duration of the entire brewing process, creating an espresso with a full-bodied aroma and enhanced flavour. Whatever coffee you fancy, whether it’s an espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, you can easily create it in an instant thanks to the OneTouch Function. The process of combining coffee with warm milk and milk froth is controlled automatically through enhanced technology, so you can create any beverage at the touch of a button. When you select a fully automatic coffee machine from Bosch, you are opting for quality, performance, reliability and enhanced coffee. To make sure that your enjoyment lasts and to ensure a long service life for your appliance, Calc’nClean offers a combined cleaning and descaling programme to remove scale deposits and coffee residues in one step. With single portion cleaning, you are sure to experience indulgence and freshness with every cup of coffee, as the pipes are cleared of any remaining water after each brewing process. The high-quality and durable grinder made from non-wearing ceramic grinds your coffee consistently fine, allowing the full flavour of every single bean to develop. The degree of grinding can be adjusted individually, resulting in a better taste and incomparable flavour. The more water passes through ground coffee, the more bitter the result. PLEASE NOTE This machine was designed for the european market and works at 220 Volt. We include a compatible transformer with every shipping to ensure the machine’s proper functionality in the US

List Price: $ 1,399.00


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